Monday, September 15, 2014

the tooth fairy's first visit

we were at the dinner table two weeks ago all together as a family when you said "mama, i think my tooth is wiggly." i think your papa and i basically started tearing up at the table at the thought of this new passage.

while we were away on our trip you lost your tooth on september 6th, the day after my birthday (well, a family friend pulled it out as it was really close.) i have to admit i was so sad because i missed being there. i already had a felt tooth fairy pillow for you and wanted you to have it so we had the tooth fairy come the night i returned. luckily i got home by your bedtime and read you this passage.

this night it is a special night
as fairies dance upon the roof. 
all the fairies must alight,
for elodie just lost a tooth!

the fairy queen gives her commands,
twelve bright fairies must join hands
then together in a circle stands
to guard elodie while she sleeps.

the tooth fairy into the circle leaps
the hidden tooth she takes
ah, but has far to go
before elodie awakes.

three times around the world she flies
over valleys deep and mountains high;
skirts the storm clouds thick with thunder,
wings over waves all wild with wonder.

deep within their earthly homes
finally she finds the gnomes,
who upon the tooth must work
never once their duty shirk. 

some are hammering, hammering, hammering
some the bellows blow
others sweat at the sweltering forge
and then cry out, "heigh ho!"

the tooth's been turned into a shining stone,
a glimmering, glowing gem
the tooth fairy takes the gnomes' good gift,
and bows to all of them.

before the sun's first rays are shown,
she returns to elodie's bed,
with one more gentle wish
away she's flown again!

the tooth fairy brought you two gold coins and a little crystal. you were so excited and put the coins in your piggy bank and the crystal on your nature table.

i was a little sad when you were going to lose your first tooth but now you have a new wiggly tooth and i just can't help but be excited for you!


  1. Aw how sweet! Do you mind sharing more about your tooth fairy pillow? My oldest is about to loose her first tooth and I'm torn about what kind of pillow to get.

  2. this is so beautiful. your girls are so, so lucky to have you.

  3. So sweet! I remember when my oldest lost there first tooth, and I was a bit sad, she seemed so young, and I couldn't believe we were there already. Now my second has started losing teeth, and unfortunately our oldest told him he gets $5 every time he loses a tooth. lol, this tooth fairy business gets expensive real fast! lovely blog btw, just found it and love it, hope theres lots more to come!