Monday, October 13, 2014

apple picking

i woke up one foggy morning, gathered the girls into the car, and headed out to riley's farm in oak glen, ca for some apple picking. that sentence is long and full. and that's exactly what it is sometimes to make a decision on a saturday morning. you can either stay at home and meander slowly or just get up and get out of town. you never know when it's going to be horrible or it's going to be good but, to me, it's always worth trying.

this day turned out to be a winner. we had our fill of apple and strawberry picking and sweet treats like apple cider donuts. there were beautiful pumpkin patches and technicolor fields of flowers everywhere. elodie made some candles and we rode on a tractor (francesca's favorite!) we brought all of our apple's home and made two large apple crisps the next morning. such a great weekend!

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