Wednesday, October 1, 2014

gather with you now all the magic you can carry

a sentence in a passage i read recently stood out to me.

real life is outside. 

this has become something i repeat to myself on an almost hourly basis and you can almost see how true it is in how little i blog or respond to emails. (although i am trying to correct that as there is a lot i want to do on my computer.)

francesca spends the majority of her day outdoors. now that elodie is in kindergarten, she's inside a bit more than i would like, so i make it a point to pick her up and take them on an afternoon adventure. this is our time, free of scheduling that we get to explore our environment. today we went to arlington gardens to walk in the "fairy ring" as elodie calls it. we sing a song from elodie's earlier waldorf playgroup as they try to balance on the rocks.

follow, follow me,
to the ring of the fairies
follow, follow me, 
where the fairies dance and sing. 
gather with you now
all the magic you can carry, 
as we circle 'round the dancing fairy ring.

the girls are at an age where they happily play together. next to each other. foraging for acorns or making fairy houses. the fun is in the doing and the soundtrack changes from moment to moment. i'm so happy that i get to tag along with them.

clothing by the lovely local brand by boy + girl - i'm a huge fan as you can see by this post earlier this year taken at the same place, arlington gardens, which looks vastly different depending on the season.

boy + girl are offering the littlest readers 15% off with code thelittlest15. go over and take a look at their wonderful line!

francesca wears the pink plaid nico pocket tunic and light wash rachel denim.

elodie wears the purple shirt dress.

thank you boy + girl!


  1. I love Elodie's outfit - does that come in a grown-up size? haha. Your girls are so darling.

  2. I am a first time mom and my son is just 4 weeks old but I can tell you I am at my best in the day when we go for a walk, especially in these crisp Fall temperatures it is so refreshing to be outside. I hope to always spend lots of time outside with my son as he continues to grow!

  3. Beautiful. All of it.

  4. Little Angels under the sunshine, the images is incredibly beautiful, like magic :P they inspired my day :)

  5. Love this post, thanks for making my day (:

  6. So great! i feel exactly the same about adventures outdoors! feel like thats where all my fun came from as a child! :)

  7. Look like the two Alice in Wonderland :P so beautiful and wonderful :x