Wednesday, November 26, 2014

the elves' faire

one of my favorite annual activities is the elves' faire at the pasadena waldorf school. the girls and i took sweet pea classes there and it's such a quiet, special place. every year i get the girls a doll from the doll room (most are handmade by the school's parents.) this year i chose two very special ones that i can't wait for the girls to open on christmas morning.

we saw several friends throughout the day. some had tea with us, some did jousting, or helped make an elf hat for francesca to wear. francesca still wears her acorn necklace that she picked out from the acorn man. it's so lovely to have these yearly rituals with the girls. activities that they can count on as the season's change. thankful for our lovely local community of friends and such wonderful places to gather! 

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