Tuesday, December 16, 2014

pony pictures!

we live on a quiet street that one of my favorite neighbors likes to call "skunk holler." i remember when we first moved to the neighborhood, sitting on the porch with michael and just listening to the soft night sounds. every so often an opossum or a skunk or a coyote would come rambling by. no big deal. sometimes even a raccoon or two or three which made us hightail it into the house. this same neighbor, erica, used to take photos of kids dressed up on ponies and said we should take some of the girls. so one recent sunday morning, we hopped the fence and she dressed them up and took them for a ride on her horse. the girls were way more excited about it than they look in the photos. afterwards, erica showed us around her house which was filled with horses - all of her ponies from when she was little, her trophies, horse paraphernalia everywhere. i know that day will be etched into elodie's memory forever and now we have the horsey photos to go along with the story. every kid should have a pony picture right?


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