Wednesday, February 18, 2015

te amo tulum

last month i had the opportunity to celebrate my dear friend paige's birthday in tulum. michael had to work and graciously offered to stay home with the girls. the idea of uninterrupted sleep had me counting the days until this trip and it was more beautiful than a dream. we swam in underwater caves,  had long, conversation filled dinners, walked along a deserted beach under a huge night full of stars, covered ourselves with mud and then ran into the warm, windy ocean. there were more beautiful moments of connection than i could have ever hoped for. thank you paige for inviting me along to share time with this incredible group of friends. i'll carry the quiet imprint of this time throughout my life.

take a peek at #elpaigo here

and a post about my first time in tulum (five years ago!) here

to stay:
coqui coqui
coco tulum is a great option if you don't mind sharing facilities - i highly recommend it if everywhere else is booked out

to eat: 
posada margherita 
el tabano (and the little taco place next door!)
casa jaguar

for drinks: 
coqui coqui (also good breakfast & lunch)

to stay:
coqui coqui
coco tulum is a great option if you don't mind sharing facilities - i highly recommend it if everywhere else is booked out

we only had time to visit the dos ojos cenote park. the actual dos ojos cenote was closed because there had been an earthquake the day before we visited but we went to a beautiful one that was a five minute drive from the entrance where you pay.  there is a large cenote at the entrance with lily pads and loads of people. keep on walking until you get to the next one. heaven awaits!


  1. Gorgeous photos! Tulum is a wonderful place.
    Ripped Jeans

  2. I visited Tulum back in October. Magical! Hartwood was the best! and did you visit the little hippie bar next to coqui coqui? 2 for 1 and the drinks were strong and delish!

  3. we were recently in tulum with two little ones (4 1/2 and 2 1/2) and had an amazing time. we spent our days at various places enjoying the beach from le zebra, exploring various boutique hotels/spas (yaan), ceynotes, ruins, and most of our late afternoons/evenings in town where we rented a house. it is such a dreamy place and i have a bottle of coqui coque coco that always help take me back!