Thursday, April 30, 2015

early riser workshop

a couple of weeks ago, during the yeah! pop-up, erica chidi cohen from the mama circle and i co-hosted an event for women and mothers called the early riser workshop. we focused on creating nurturing rhythms at home from pregnancy through the first years of a child's life and talked about the importance of self-care for all women. we laughed, we cried, we sang (or more accurately, i sang!), we meditated, and we celebrated this wonderful journey we are on together. i looked out on all of the beautiful, expectant faces and felt such peace. the room was absolutely electric and i am still humming from what we created in that space.

it was a lovely afternoon and there was a marketplace with some of my favorite LA artisans and designers. individual medley, heather taylor home, and alexis smart flower remedies were all there as well as the wonderful children's brands: boy + girl, nico nico, little minis, and peas and queues. the beautiful yasmine from yasmine floral design was on hand making bouquets (flowers in the home is always a good idea!) 

we offered relaxing hand massages, nourishing food by whoa nelly catering, espresso from cognoscenti coffee, and tonics from moon juice. as a surprise after the presentation, ergobaby donated several of their amazing 360 carriers to the mamas. i was so touched by the turnout and cannot wait to host another. 

as parents, we are imperfect, we are on this journey that is so new to us. i guess if i were to say there was a takeaway it would be that you have all the tools within you to give your child what they need. and what they need, more than anything else is your love and attention. (i'm guessing that if you have the time and resources to read this that you aren't lacking for the fundamentals that we obviously think all children should have.)

we split our attention too often these days and there are so many small ways to create touch points in the day just for them. a song, a small game, sitting face to them giving them your undivided attention while you tell them a story, creating that "you and me" connection. it's easy to forget that you were the first voice they heard, you said their name for the first time, you were from the very beginning their everything. reclaim that space for as long as it is yours to have in their early childhood. you won't regret it.

i feel compelled to say that this workshop is the first fruit of a longer term project that i am working on called early riser companion. but that will reveal itself in due time. 

i would like to give a special thanks to ergobaby, whoa nelly catering, borrowed blu, cognoscenti coffee, monica from individual medleyalexis smart, lauren moore photography, and to yeah! furniture for allowing us to host an event at the beautiful hudson loft. what a great community we have!

all photos by lauren moore


  1. I would LOVE to spread your early riser rhythms to the bay area! Any interest in coming up toward SF?

  2. It was so inspiring and fun to see all the little babes there!

  3. It all looks so simple and pretty!

  4. All you photographs are so beautiful, light and elegant - it's automatically uplifting! What sort of camera do you use? I love it, keep it up x

  5. Your girls are just so pretty. (You are too.) I wish there was a recording of this.