Tuesday, April 21, 2015

lovely mabo kids

the past few weeks have been exhilarating and also quite challenging. elodie developed a sinus infection and pneumonia right before easter and then francesca caught her own bug right after easter.

the one quite magical thing that happened because of all the illness is that i was forced to just let all the unnecessary things (and some of the necessary as well) fall away. there is something lovely about the space that is created when you are tending to sick little ones. i love the feeling of bustling about while they are bundled on the couch listening to records or watching little bear. i light candles and pretend that it's a chilly, grey day even when it is seventy five degrees outside. when they tired of being outside, we would take a blanket to the backyard and have a tea party.

on day four of elodie's sickness, we decided to dye easter eggs. i grew up in a big family and we used natural dyes all the time but i was newly inspired by the ever talented kirsten rickert to take it up again. we used all the ingredients we could find in our refrigerator including chlorophyll to make a wonderful green. then elodie said she wanted to have a little egg hunt for francesca. so they dressed up in their mabo kids outfits and had a hunt. it is so sweet to see the tender heart elodie has for francesca. it was hard for her to find the eggs elodie had tucked away so she made a little basket for francesca to carry around and put some out in plain sight.

mabo is a gorgeous line from the united states and has captured my heart with it's easy wearable pieces. i love the beautiful silhouettes and only wish they came in my size as well! after seeing elodie attempt to wear this skirt/shirt several days in a row, i had to go back and get the other colors as well. we love you mabo!


  1. Beautiful photos and love the mabo clothes!


  2. So very lovely!

  3. That skirt is amazing!