Tuesday, May 19, 2015

afternoon adventure (vincent lugo park)

this past sunday we were having a hard time deciding what to do as a family and elodie suggested going to a park she had visited with some friends recently. i have heard about vincent lugo park before and seen some photos that made me want to visit but never got around to it. it was so fun to park the car and let her lead the way. she was so proud of herself and loved guiding us around. it is such a strange feeling to visit somewhere that my six year old has been without me first. i'm so happy we listened to her and we were all happy to be doing something new. i'm kicking myself for not going sooner but also sort of love when your city unfolds in time as it should. i can't wait to take the girls back!

elodie's top/skirt by mabo. shoes by the fantastic brand spanish brand avarcas
francesca's dress also by mabo. shoes by livie & luca

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