Wednesday, May 27, 2015

island palette (and babaa knitwear)

i shared some of moments from my recent trip to see my family (and a favorite book that i love) over on babaa knitwear's blog. the story that i shared has been well read at my house over the years and i discovered a copy at a thrift store on the island on my most recent trip. serendipitous!

here are some other bits and pieces from a week on whidbey island. it was so fun to just follow francesca around and to see what attracted her attention. one of the most magical things about the island is just how different it looks when it is sunny versus cloudy. i try to stay open to both palettes - the greys, blues, and greens when there are clouds and the vibrant blues, teal, and pops of color that the flowers offer. they are both so magnificent and you often get both in one day.

francesca wears babaa jumper #10 in yellow and i am wearing babaa jumper no. 5 in red

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  1. Wonderful photos - love the wellies! :)