Wednesday, May 6, 2015

mother's day gifts by simone leblanc

simone leblanc's mother's day gift boxes are nothing short of a healing balm for mamas. for some reason, i've never quite considered myself for mother's day even though i know i should and so when i received one of her beautiful gifts i sat quietly ooohing and aaahing at the lovely little treasures inside. i couldn't quite let go of the beautiful rose quartz, the love stone, this cold, gray morning. we spend so much time nurturing and nourishing our families that it is powerful to spend a few moments nurturing ourselves as well. 

she has many options still available in her webshop and if you are lucky enough to be at the echo park craft fair this weekend, she will be there as well! 

thank you simone. 


  1. What a beautiful gift set! And yes, you need to spend time nurturing yourself too :)

  2. I love her selections. I may have to order one for myself!