Monday, May 4, 2015

the alliance of mom's giant playdate

there's a really special event happening this weekend at the Lombardi house called the giant playdate. once a year, the Alliance of Moms (an auxiliary group of The Alliance of Children's rights) hosts this special fundraiser. all the proceeds go directly to support outreach for Los Angeles' large foster kid population and to fund Raising Baby which offers pregnant teen mothers in the area a day of education and tools for their little ones.

the giant playdate will have amazing vendors and crafts (full list below) and is being held at such a pretty venue.

here are some staggering statistics about LA's foster kids...

38% of California's foster care population is here in LA county.

nearly 1/2 of the 28,000 kids in foster care in LA County have learning disabilities or developmental delays.

less than 50% of foster youth graduate high school and only 3% graduate college.

by 11th grade only 1 in 5 foster youth is proficient in English and 1 in 20 in math.

50% of youth who've aged out of foster care end up homeless and incarcerated.

3/4 of young women in foster care are pregnant by age 21 compared to 1/3 of the general population.

together we can improve these life inhibiting statistics for kids in foster care so they can enjoy what all kids deserve - a life full of possibilities.

purchase your tickets for the giant playdate here!

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