Monday, December 14, 2015

seven times the sun

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven journeys 'round the sun
through winter, spring, summer and fall,
i journey 'round the sun
a new year has begun.

here we are once again. another birthday for my eldest daughter elodie. this one feels so monumental. the completion of her first seven years here and an awakening in her eyes, heart, and mind.

i decided that this birthday deserved a special marker. you know when the universe conspires to have you hear a message? well, three times in one week i heard of mayayaland, home to a magical woman named mayaya. she does many things, one of which, is hold birthday parties for children and we were lucky enough to have her come to our home. she transformed our backyard into a fairy marketplace and captivated the girls with songs while she painted them with the markings of a fairy warrior. the few adults who were present at the party remarked how quiet they were all being...completely spellbound by her while they made their own special magic fairy dust.

my favorite part was a ceremony she performed where the girls all held the ribbons of a large sun as elodie ran around them seven times. after, she wrapped each girl in her big wings and gave them a gift of a color. you could feel that she didn't take her task lightly and was so reverent with bestowing the gift on each girl, purple for power for one, blue for another. so sweet and believing.

i had an idea to put ribbon in my favorite tree in our backyard to make a wish tree. elodie has been playing underneath it every day and i made a little story about it's significance. the only other decoration that i picked up were a couple of balloons which we definitely didn't need. it looked beautiful with everything mayaya brought.

elodie asked for a simple cake and wanted a fairy on top. we handed out oranges with soft peppermint sticks in it as well (there were those who didn't want cake.) i love the idea of having this at all of her december parties. it reminds me so much of the lovely story the sun egg by elsa beskow,

i don't think every year should have such a big party but i'm glad we were able to have this one for her. and this is the first year i've ever had a photographer. thank you so much morgan pansing for your photos. they are pure magic!


  1. beyond dreamy. i forgot all about peppermint sticks in oranges. happy seven to you both.

  2. Oh my goodness, how changed she looks. My blog reading has fallen by the wayside over the past 3 years as I've had my own two girls. I think the last time I read your blog Elodie was turning 5. She's a stunning copy of you. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! Everything looked gorgeous.