Friday, April 1, 2016

A Mother is a Story

I'm blown away by the beauty of Samantha Hahn's newest book A Mother is a Story and companion journal Stories for My Child: A Mother's Memory Journal that were just released a week ago.

Now, more than ever, I recognize the importance and fleetingness of this time and the role I play in my children's lives and have been slowly filling out the beautiful journal, bit by bit, each night. I can't wait for each to have their own copy with my chicken scratch (but written with love) contributions on their bookshelf.

Samantha approached me a year ago about using some of my images as inspiration for her pages (including the cover) and I was moved to tears as I carefully turned the pages.

One quote lept out at me, "When I am not paying attention to my children, they appear to desperately need it. When I am giving them my full attention, they seem just as happy to play by themselves. It is as though they need to be certain of my attention in order to play their own games and ignore me." - Sarah Ruhl

I am often struck by this truth and how it even applied to my own relationship with my mother as an adult. As babies, we crawl away and look back every so often to find our mother's gaze before continuing on. Even now I find myself looking back, wanting to call her, to see her gaze and feel her close. When you know this little secret...that you must fully turn towards them and take them in, then they will feel secure to go and play. It just takes but a moment. Thank you Samantha for the beauty and mindfulness you put in this world.

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  1. I purchased for my cousin. Looks beautiful. Thank you!