Thursday, April 7, 2016

Well begun is half done with Seventh Generation

I grew up in a big family and there was always one night of the week that I was responsible for the dishes. I always dreaded it at the beginning but then we would start singing "Spoonful of Sugar" or something silly and then get to chatting with each other. I always try to bring this communal feeling into the chores at home but admittedly prefer to have one girl help me at the time (otherwise it's a lot of elbows and tears.) I'm so glad they both want to help out still and know the tide will turn sooner or later. I created a chart for when each girl gets a turn. Francesca's is naturally after lunch time and before her nap.

We always talk about how she used to take baths in the sink when she was a little baby (and sometimes I even let her climb in and wash from there.) I let her wash some of her own kitchen toys first and play for a bit before adding the dirty dishes. She is used to scraping her plate into the compost after every meal and loves to be involved in the process. I also let her pour the dish liquid in and she is pretty good now about not using too much (finally!)

We have sensitive skin and did a complete overhaul in the household products we use at home a while back. I've used many of Seventh Generation products for years and love their commitment to the environment and their accountability for what goes into their products. I love the Lavender Floral & Mint dish liquid and have been using it for years.

Check out Seventh Generation's  #ComeClean initiative. It is absurd that there is not greater visibility when it comes to what goes into everyday household products.

This is a sponsored post. I only post about products that I also gladly purchase myself.

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