Thursday, June 16, 2016

Laundry Time with Seventh Generation

I grew up in a big family and it seemed like we were alllllllways doing dishes or laundry. We have always practiced doing laundry with the girls since they were around two years old but now Francesca really is good at folding towels, cloth napkins, and washcloths and at least once a week we play something I call the Laundry Game. I say it is a game as I make sure I'm not in a hurry and have factored in extra time for her to knock over a whole pile of folded laundry (which she sometimes does!)

Five minutes before it is time to sit and fold clothes I say:

"Tick-tock goes the clock, 
what does it have to say? 
Five minutes until we 
fold our clothes and put them all away." 

I try to remember that everything I model now ends up making it's way into their future habits. Sitting together to fold the laundry is time together. We can talk to each other and be silly.

I've partnered with Seventh Generation which was a natural, easy fit for me as I use so many of their products. I love their Free & Clear Detergent which is non-toxic, free of optical brighteners, and biodegradable. It's such a clear winner in the sea of colorful, artificially fragranced detergents out there.

Photos by Darcy Hemley 

This is a sponsored post. I only post about products that I also gladly purchase myself.


  1. Have actually seen this on the grocery shelf but haven't yet bought it. May give it a try, as so many laundry products nowadays are certainly NOT non toxic :( Thanks for the suggestion. Always up for trying something new :)