Monday, September 26, 2016

Bridging to Brownies

I can't believe Elodie is already a Brownie! We formed our troop a little over a year ago and squeezed in two years of Daisies into one. Elodie's favorite things were selling cookies and caroling at a retirement home. I have the best co-troop leaders, and after seven years in Los Angeles, really feel like I have such a great community for my children. We meet at the sweetest Girl Scout Camp in the foothills of the Angeles National Forest and I feel like I'm a million miles away from the hustle of Los Angeles.

I always find the Autumn equinox the best time to refocus on my goals. It gets easy to look up and see the days stream by but I have really been trying to look at things from a long-term perspective and remember what I want to cultivate in my life and model for my children. As mothers we have just so many things we want to do in addition to raising our little families and I've finally let go of the idea of competition. It just doesn't motivate me.

What does motivate me? Well, this manifesto for one:

Turn off your TV.
Leave your house.
Know your neighbors.
Look up when you are walking;
Greet people;
Sit on your stoop;
Plant flowers; 
Use your library;
Play together;
Buy from local merchants;
Share what you have;
Help a lost dog;
Take children to the park;
Garden together;
Support neighborhood schools;
Fix it even if you didn't break it;
Have potlucks;
Honor elders;
Pick up litter;
Read stories aloud;
Dance in the street;
Talk to the mail carrier;
Listen to the birds;
Put up a swing;
Help carry something heavy;
Barter for your goods;
Start a tradition;
Ask a question;
Hire young people for odd jobs;
Organize a block party;
Bake extra and share;
Ask for help when you need it;
Open your shades;
Sing together;
Share your skills;
Turn up the music;
Turn down the music ;)
Listen before you react to anger;
Mediate a conflict;
Seek to understand;
Learn from new and uncomfortable angles;
Know that no one is silent although many are not heard,
Work to change this.

How can you not be proud of yourself if these are part of your core philosophy? What else should be on this list?

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