Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Clean hands with Seventh Generation

It's a sad thing that my three year old washes her hands better than I do. I can take no credit for this, it is 100% because of her preschool. Even so, I'm appreciative of her dedication and have since had her teach Elodie her ways. 

They sing the A-B-Cs as they clean but now we have these new extra moves.

Top and bottom, in between,  fingers clasped,  our hands are clean. 

I've always used Seventh Generation products in our home and the natural hand washes are a clear choice as they are hypoallergenic and triclosan-free. They also use 100% essential oils and botanical extracts (my favorite is the Hibiscus and Cardamom Natural Hand Wash) but I might be partial as their are so many hibiscus trees here in Southern California!

I have been a long time customer of Seventh Generation and am so grateful to partner with a company that truly cares about the environment on so many levels. Learn more about their #ComeClean initiative here.

Sponsored by Seventh Generation, a brand that I proudly support. 


  1. i like to scratch my palms when they are all soaped up to get under my nails clean too.

    p.s. i have that tile in my kitchen.

  2. Your bathroom is adorable!

    Lauren | also known as mama