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Yeah Field Trip!

Yeah Field Trip!

I will be hosting an Early Riser Workshop at Yeah Field Trip next February in support of the launch of my publication, Early Riser Companion, a family almanac that I will be launching next year.  

The workshop marries meditation and experiential exercisce to help you identify and create rhythms and rituals to lead a more balanced, harmonious family life. 

Whether you have children, want to have children, or are on the fence, these tools will help you cultivate the sanctuary of home. 

Field Trip is a 5 day retreat for evolving creators and artistic entrepreneurs. I have attended every year and left with a stronger sense of my purpose here and so much help setting priorities in my daily life. I always cry. I always feel extra alive and like a kid on a camping trip. It's a nice way to step out of your comfort zone and meet people you might have just admired from a far and realize we really are all in this together. We really can learn from and love each other. I'm such a damn hippie but for real!! 

Set in the idyllic El Capitan Canyon just North of Santa Barbara, it's a chance to disconnect and to commune with other wonderful people under the stars. Click here for a discount code to attend this amazing event. 

I will also be on a panel called 6 WAYS TO BUILD COMMUNITY

Description below:

The single most important thing you need to build a successful brand / product / service is a client (or a community of them). No matter how you go about acquiring that person(s) you are Community Building. Whether your community is 1 person, 1000 people, or 10 million peoples there are a number of things you should know about how to find, and keep, ALL of them.

Community Building is anything you do to attract people to your brand. Whether it is social media, traditional advertising, experiential marketing, or simply meeting new people at the coffee shop, there is no "right" answer, there is no "one" answer, it is a complicated combination of a lot of disciplines.

Everyone in this group will bring a unique approach to the table and I will be right there to tie a bow around the discussion and make sure the boring parts are punctuated with inappropriate jokes and obscure non-sequitur references. 
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#HolidayInFrame with Framebridge

#HolidayInFrame with Framebridge

Learning your A-B-Cs

Learning your A-B-Cs