Monday, October 5, 2015

apples, apples

francesca has come home with the sweetest rhymes from her nursery school. this is one of my new favorites.

apples, apples, what a treat
sweet and tart and good to eat
apples green and apples red,
they hang from brances overhead
and when the wind blows
our apples drop
so we can have our apple crop.*

and she loves these little apples from apple n amos!

*a variation on the original by helen moore

Monday, September 7, 2015

oh where have you been since the last time i saw you?

yonder they come 

and how do you do?

oh where have you been since the last time i saw you?

rise up my friend 

and give to me your hand

you know you are the finest friend,

the finest in the land. *

at the beginning of june i decided to see what would happen if i took the summer off from my computer. yes, i was fortunate enough to be able to make that decision. we have structured our lives so that i could be with francesca and also elodie while she was on school break. the days were long and we road bikes, painted outdoors, stayed up way too late and had many, many adventures. i watched their legs grow longer and their language become more confident.

i watched these beautiful beings and they stood beside me, slept with me, braided my hair with sure little fingers, and made me laugh as i experienced a summer like none that will ever come again.

and now i am told that the summer must end. we have stepped back into the rhythm of a school year which is bittersweet for me.

elodie starts first grade and francesca starts preschool a few days a week. and that's why i have time to tell this story.

i decided that the free time i had this summer would be spent creating tangible things offline. that i would deepen my connection with myself and my family. and now i can come back and share these things. for myself, for you.

so rise up my friend and give to me your hand. off we go together.

* a song i learned from francesca's sweet waldorf nursery school

Thursday, June 4, 2015

an afternoon at the nursery

the other day we went to pick up some more plants for our garden. the gophers have paid us a visit and disrupted a lot of the seeds we planted. we spent over an hour just running around looking at all of the different plants and trees. i need to remember to bring them more as they always have such a good time.

p.s. i don't love kids wearing matching clothes but i loved this dress so much i got it for both of them (i found on sale last year) francesca wanted to wear her dress when she saw elodie put hers on. so funny.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

island palette (and babaa knitwear)

i shared some of moments from my recent trip to see my family (and a favorite book that i love) over on babaa knitwear's blog. the story that i shared has been well read at my house over the years and i discovered a copy at a thrift store on the island on my most recent trip. serendipitous!

here are some other bits and pieces from a week on whidbey island. it was so fun to just follow francesca around and to see what attracted her attention. one of the most magical things about the island is just how different it looks when it is sunny versus cloudy. i try to stay open to both palettes - the greys, blues, and greens when there are clouds and the vibrant blues, teal, and pops of color that the flowers offer. they are both so magnificent and you often get both in one day.

francesca wears babaa jumper #10 in yellow and i am wearing babaa jumper no. 5 in red

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

afternoon adventure (vincent lugo park)

this past sunday we were having a hard time deciding what to do as a family and elodie suggested going to a park she had visited with some friends recently. i have heard about vincent lugo park before and seen some photos that made me want to visit but never got around to it. it was so fun to park the car and let her lead the way. she was so proud of herself and loved guiding us around. it is such a strange feeling to visit somewhere that my six year old has been without me first. i'm so happy we listened to her and we were all happy to be doing something new. i'm kicking myself for not going sooner but also sort of love when your city unfolds in time as it should. i can't wait to take the girls back!

elodie's top/skirt by mabo. shoes by the fantastic brand spanish brand avarcas
francesca's dress also by mabo. shoes by livie & luca

Sunday, May 17, 2015

the genius that is crafting community

my family and i were fortunate enough to be able to attend crafting community in palm springs a couple of weeks ago. it was such a rich, immersive experience that is unlike anything that i've experienced created for families with children of all ages. in our full lives, it is almost impossible to x off the calendar three days to just be with your family and also feel like you get to know other families better. from the moment we were welcomed with an ice cream social by salt & straw to the very last swim, we enjoyed three full days of family friendly activities, crafting, and the chance to break bread with good, good people.

the ace hotel is such a perfect spot for this type of event. knowing your children can roam about the property, guided by their imaginations, was so peaceful and freeing.

some highlights:

 - i loved seeing what crafts elodie gravitated to like making handmade clay beads and jewelry with bari ziperstein and custom stamps with yellow owl workshop. just watching her walk confidently up to a table and then sit for a good amount of time absorbed in creating something was so beautiful to watch.

- i couldn't pull myself away from justina blakeney's face the foliage sun prints and made one for each of the girls.

- francesca mostly wanted to swim, play with the balloon propelled wooden boats (from tanya aguiƱiga's workshop), and swim some more. she was so happy to follow elodie and run about with her with the excited energy of kids at summer camp.

- my sister, her husband, and their twelve and fifteen year old daughters also joined us. watching what they were interested in (underwater photography and skateboarding) and the creations they made was so inspiring.

- my family and i sat with our friend jessica from house inhabit and her sweet boys under a full moon in the hot tub eating french fries on the last evening. we talked late into the night soaking up every last drop of the weekend.

- i took an incredible soulcycle class with one of my favorite instructors, angela davis, with the gorgeous desert landscape as a backdrop.

- both girls slept like logs. hours of sun, pool, and so many fun activities gave us all sweet dreams. i can't emphasize enough how great it was to get a full night sleep.

i didn't experience "fear of missing out" like i admittedly did during my first crafting community a year and a half ago. there are so many wonderful workshops and activities that it can be hard to know when to just jump in the pool. this time i knew better and felt that wherever i was being led was exactly where i should be spending my time.

i'm not sure when the next weekend event will be but expect more over the summer from crafting community and definitely plan on coming to their fantastic handmade holiday at the end of the year.

below are some of my favorite images taken by morgan pansing and kate miss (a few of my iphone pics are sprinkled in for good measure.)

thank you for the unparalleled experience crafting community!