Monday, July 21, 2014

splendid pasadena store opening party!

angelenos! i'm hosting a party this saturday july 26th from 3-5 pm to celebrate the grand opening of the splendid store in pasadena. i've always been such a huge fan of their basics (and clothing for little ones) and am excited i no longer have to drive to the grove to get them!

we will have fun crafts with little junebugs, snacks by urban palate, and the cutest little treats by bon puf. plus, 20% off your entire purchase. please join us if you are in the area!


Friday, June 27, 2014

a new family heirloom

one of my favorite stores in los angeles, en soie, made me a ring with my family's names engraved on it. i am going to give this one to elodie when she is older and am also having one made for francesca. i don't wear much jewelry so it's nice to find something that has deep meaning to me and is also quite beautiful!

if you are in la, you must stop by this stunning store. i love the shoes they stock there and have worn mine well.

Monday, June 23, 2014

bali dreaming

we went to bali when i was three months pregnant with francesca and i have such fond memories of the food, the people, the textiles. such a peaceful, vibrant culture. i can't wait to go back with her now that she is getting so big!

zadie dress and harem pants c/o cleobella, a pretty and effortless line of clothing for women and children, handmade in bali.

thank you for the sweet moment kate kipley!

Saturday, June 21, 2014


i just finished an intense and wonderful six month assignment as creative director of ergobaby (and also worked with orbitbaby as well.) it has been really challenging to juggle work and find time to be with my little ones, my husband, my self *understatement* and  i am grateful for all the stretching and growing that has happened within my family because of it. it reawakened a part of me that had been dormant since elodie's birth. i feel more purposeful and precise and also so grateful for every moment i have with my girls. i'm happy to have reactivated this other side of me as i go into the next half of the year. happy mid-summer!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

five and a half

you have been waiting for so long to be five and a half. nearly since you turned five. and here you are...i'd say this was my favorite age hands down but then i say that always. still, you have changed so much in the last year. you are longer, more thoughtful, with the funniest phrases. your dream life is more active and you are afraid of more things that go bump in the night.

this week you had a fever that lasted five days. we were very worried as you slept all day and showed no signs of improving. all of a sudden, the fever broke and now you look a few inches taller. i've heard in the steiner philosophy there is a correlation between fever and growth spurts and now i'm a believer.

i love watching you with your baby sister. your tenderness moves me every day. yesterday we picked mulberries from our tree. i was in the backyard with francesca when you came out with a little plate of freshly washed mulberries and greek yogurt for dipping. you were so proud of your pretty presentation and told francesca, "that's ok frankie, you eat them. i can get us more."

you have such a generous heart elodie. you have taught me so much about truly listening and being open to others.

things you say:

how old is god? -- how old is him?

we like old cars right? cause they're pretty. but not new cars!

yay we go to Paris and I'll give you lots of kisses! (To sufjan)

There's an island called whidbeyand island. And there are lots and lots of deers on whidbeyand island.

I'm gonna have only two kids...named Sally and honk honk. Come here honk honk!

"To test da limits and break frew..." elodie singing frozen

Who's ready for a big celebration?

It got so cold and we turned into ewoks and hibernated in Australia

E: Are you looking at your angel friends? Do you like your angel friends? F: yeah

I need to go to the bathroom. The inside of that toilet is a little bit dirty so I need to wait.

The president is the same size as all of us, so how can he take care of all the people at once?

Boys like gold. Girls not really. Me: gold what? E: gold candy, gold whatever.

This is the yummiest breakfast I ever had (pineapple we cut up, yoghurt, granola and honey)

Mama, a paravelican is a beautiful bird that eats everything. It has white feathers and lives in Australia.

Me: do you know how much I love you? E: more than a fousand bugs

"I want it Frankie so you have to be happy about it." (When Frankie said NO to frozen song)

To Frankie picking her nose: "you digging fer treasure?"

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

hypochondria of the heart

this is elodie's last year in preschool. i'm starting to realize, now that our lives are linked back to the same cycle of beginning and ending of a school year, that i'm way more nostalgic about life now then at the beginning of a calendar year. summer is a season of growth. children emerge a little taller due to the freedom from ritual that summer provides, their saltwater sandals stretched out a little bit more. i have a pain in my heart, seeing elodie on this side of that transition, knowing that this change is about to happen. at my daughter's preschool, there is an exchange of hugs, as everyone talks about playdates and summer plans. i hope that this summer stretches out as long as molasses and that i can sleep next to elodie in a tent in our backyard, smell the scent of the sun and sea on the napes on their necks, and marvel at my little ones being just that...little.

p.s also found this old article from the harvard review about nostalgia interesting. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

soul cycle

i joke to everyone who will listen that money i spend on exercise is money i don't have to spend in therapy. i'm grateful that i grew up with two active parents and that exercising is a given. i wouldn't say i'm totally athletic but i do love to exercise as much as i can. which isn't always a lot with two little ones. hikes can get a bit tedious with the fifty thousand requests for water or cries of tired legs. so mostly, i like to use my free time at a class or on my yoga mat at home. i've done spin for sometime now but the offering on the east side of los angeles is pretty much a joke. the one studio that is available's tagline is "the no om zone." so when i heard a soulcycle was opening in pasadena i jumped at the chance to go. i love that they dim the lights and encourage you to get out of your head. i'm happy to say that this week i'll be hosting a free class. if you are in the area, join me and please say hi. rsvp open until friday 6/6!