Tuesday, May 19, 2015

afternoon adventure (vincent lugo park)

this past sunday we were having a hard time deciding what to do as a family and elodie suggested going to a park she had visited with some friends recently. i have heard about vincent lugo park before and seen some photos that made me want to visit but never got around to it. it was so fun to park the car and let her lead the way. she was so proud of herself and loved guiding us around. it is such a strange feeling to visit somewhere that my six year old has been without me first. i'm so happy we listened to her and we were all happy to be doing something new. i'm kicking myself for not going sooner but also sort of love when your city unfolds in time as it should. i can't wait to take the girls back!

elodie's top/skirt by mabo. shoes by the fantastic brand spanish brand avarcas
francesca's dress also by mabo. shoes by livie & luca

Sunday, May 17, 2015

the genius that is crafting community

my family and i were fortunate enough to be able to attend crafting community in palm springs a couple of weeks ago. it was such a rich, immersive experience that is unlike anything that i've experienced created for families with children of all ages. in our full lives, it is almost impossible to x off the calendar three days to just be with your family and also feel like you get to know other families better. from the moment we were welcomed with an ice cream social by salt & straw to the very last swim, we enjoyed three full days of family friendly activities, crafting, and the chance to break bread with good, good people.

the ace hotel is such a perfect spot for this type of event. knowing your children can roam about the property, guided by their imaginations, was so peaceful and freeing.

some highlights:

 - i loved seeing what crafts elodie gravitated to like making handmade clay beads and jewelry with bari ziperstein and custom stamps with yellow owl workshop. just watching her walk confidently up to a table and then sit for a good amount of time absorbed in creating something was so beautiful to watch.

- i couldn't pull myself away from justina blakeney's face the foliage sun prints and made one for each of the girls.

- francesca mostly wanted to swim, play with the balloon propelled wooden boats (from tanya aguiƱiga's workshop), and swim some more. she was so happy to follow elodie and run about with her with the excited energy of kids at summer camp.

- my sister, her husband, and their twelve and fifteen year old daughters also joined us. watching what they were interested in (underwater photography and skateboarding) and the creations they made was so inspiring.

- my family and i sat with our friend jessica from house inhabit and her sweet boys under a full moon in the hot tub eating french fries on the last evening. we talked late into the night soaking up every last drop of the weekend.

- i took an incredible soulcycle class with one of my favorite instructors, angela davis, with the gorgeous desert landscape as a backdrop.

- both girls slept like logs. hours of sun, pool, and so many fun activities gave us all sweet dreams. i can't emphasize enough how great it was to get a full night sleep.

i didn't experience "fear of missing out" like i admittedly did during my first crafting community a year and a half ago. there are so many wonderful workshops and activities that it can be hard to know when to just jump in the pool. this time i knew better and felt that wherever i was being led was exactly where i should be spending my time.

i'm not sure when the next weekend event will be but expect more over the summer from crafting community and definitely plan on coming to their fantastic handmade holiday at the end of the year.

below are some of my favorite images taken by morgan pansing and kate miss (a few of my iphone pics are sprinkled in for good measure.)

thank you for the unparalleled experience crafting community!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

mother's day gifts by simone leblanc

simone leblanc's mother's day gift boxes are nothing short of a healing balm for mamas. for some reason, i've never quite considered myself for mother's day even though i know i should and so when i received one of her beautiful gifts i sat quietly ooohing and aaahing at the lovely little treasures inside. i couldn't quite let go of the beautiful rose quartz, the love stone, this cold, gray morning. we spend so much time nurturing and nourishing our families that it is powerful to spend a few moments nurturing ourselves as well. 

she has many options still available in her webshop and if you are lucky enough to be at the echo park craft fair this weekend, she will be there as well! 

thank you simone. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

the alliance of mom's giant playdate

there's a really special event happening this weekend at the Lombardi house called the giant playdate. once a year, the Alliance of Moms (an auxiliary group of The Alliance of Children's rights) hosts this special fundraiser. all the proceeds go directly to support outreach for Los Angeles' large foster kid population and to fund Raising Baby which offers pregnant teen mothers in the area a day of education and tools for their little ones.

the giant playdate will have amazing vendors and crafts (full list below) and is being held at such a pretty venue.

here are some staggering statistics about LA's foster kids...

38% of California's foster care population is here in LA county.

nearly 1/2 of the 28,000 kids in foster care in LA County have learning disabilities or developmental delays.

less than 50% of foster youth graduate high school and only 3% graduate college.

by 11th grade only 1 in 5 foster youth is proficient in English and 1 in 20 in math.

50% of youth who've aged out of foster care end up homeless and incarcerated.

3/4 of young women in foster care are pregnant by age 21 compared to 1/3 of the general population.

together we can improve these life inhibiting statistics for kids in foster care so they can enjoy what all kids deserve - a life full of possibilities.

purchase your tickets for the giant playdate here!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

early riser workshop

a couple of weeks ago, during the yeah! pop-up, erica chidi cohen from the mama circle and i co-hosted an event for women and mothers called the early riser workshop. we focused on creating nurturing rhythms at home from pregnancy through the first years of a child's life and talked about the importance of self-care for all women. we laughed, we cried, we sang (or more accurately, i sang!), we meditated, and we celebrated this wonderful journey we are on together. i looked out on all of the beautiful, expectant faces and felt such peace. the room was absolutely electric and i am still humming from what we created in that space.

it was a lovely afternoon and there was a marketplace with some of my favorite LA artisans and designers. individual medley, heather taylor home, and alexis smart flower remedies were all there as well as the wonderful children's brands: boy + girl, nico nico, little minis, and peas and queues. the beautiful yasmine from yasmine floral design was on hand making bouquets (flowers in the home is always a good idea!) 

we offered relaxing hand massages, nourishing food by whoa nelly catering, espresso from cognoscenti coffee, and tonics from moon juice. as a surprise after the presentation, ergobaby donated several of their amazing 360 carriers to the mamas. i was so touched by the turnout and cannot wait to host another. 

as parents, we are imperfect, we are on this journey that is so new to us. i guess if i were to say there was a takeaway it would be that you have all the tools within you to give your child what they need. and what they need, more than anything else is your love and attention. (i'm guessing that if you have the time and resources to read this that you aren't lacking for the fundamentals that we obviously think all children should have.)

we split our attention too often these days and there are so many small ways to create touch points in the day just for them. a song, a small game, sitting face to them giving them your undivided attention while you tell them a story, creating that "you and me" connection. it's easy to forget that you were the first voice they heard, you said their name for the first time, you were from the very beginning their everything. reclaim that space for as long as it is yours to have in their early childhood. you won't regret it.

i feel compelled to say that this workshop is the first fruit of a longer term project that i am working on called early riser companion. but that will reveal itself in due time. 

i would like to give a special thanks to ergobaby, whoa nelly catering, borrowed blu, cognoscenti coffee, monica from individual medleyalexis smart, lauren moore photography, and to yeah! furniture for allowing us to host an event at the beautiful hudson loft. what a great community we have!

all photos by lauren moore