Friday, April 17, 2015

lovely mabo kids

the past few weeks have been exhilarating and also quite challenging. elodie developed a sinus infection and pneumonia right before easter and then francesca caught her own bug right after easter.

the one quite magical thing that happened because of all the illness is that i was forced to just let all the unnecessary things (and some of the necessary as well) fall away. there is something lovely about the space that is created when you are tending to sick little ones. i love the feeling of bustling about while they are bundled on the couch listening to records or watching little bear. i light candles and pretend that it's a chilly, grey day even when it is seventy five degrees outside. when they tired of being outside, we would take a blanket to the backyard and have a tea party.

on day four of elodie's sickness, we decided to dye easter eggs. i grew up in a big family and we used natural dyes all the time but i was newly inspired by the ever talented kirsten rickert to take it up again. we used all the ingredients we could find in our refrigerator including chlorophyll to make a wonderful green. then elodie said she wanted to have a little egg hunt for francesca. so they dressed up in their mabo kids outfits and had a hunt. it is so sweet to see the tender heart elodie has for francesca. it was hard for her to find the eggs elodie had tucked away so she made a little basket for francesca to carry around and put some out in plain sight.

mabo is a gorgeous line from the united states and has captured my heart with it's easy wearable pieces. i love the beautiful silhouettes and only wish they came in my size as well! after seeing elodie attempt to wear this skirt/shirt several days in a row, i had to go back and get the other colors as well. we love you mabo!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

a phone's best friend

i don't write much about technology on the littlest mainly because i am low-media for my girls and keep my up and away most of the time, but lately i've had a series of mishaps (think phone, toddler, water, and a generally clumsy mama. sigh.) and Verizon offered to send me one of their new HTC One M9's to try.

The One M9 is stylish with it's two-tone metallic finish. I love the camera and it feels good in the hand. After the accidents with my last phone and the sting of having to pay a load of money out of contract to replace it, my first thoughts automatically went to how I would be able to safeguard this one.

Luckily, the HTC One M9 comes with UhOh Protection and an added benefit is Verizon's Total Mobile Protection. The features are extensive (you can read about them here) and would have been amazing a month ago when I shattered my screen while juggling my two year old and an armful of packages. I don't know why I didn't have TMP with my old phone!

The views and opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.
This blog post was done in sponsorship and partnership with Verizon Wireless.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

yeah! pop-up at hudson loft

in celebration of my husband michael's latest endeavor, yeah! furniture, we are hosting a two week long pop-up shop in downtown los angeles at hudson loft. there will be a different event every night (and i'm even hosting one for mothers which i'll be announcing soon!) the full calendar is available here.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

the untethered soul

our adult mind is a swing, back and forth, back and forth it goes. sometimes needing a gentle push, sometimes flying, sometimes in the doldrums, wishing it were higher, wishing it were lower, always moving. searching for that in-between state where it can rest. will you let it? will you believe that most of what you are worrying about is of no consequence and will resolve itself?

i recently read the untethered soul and it was such a great reminder of who we are and to examine what we say to ourselves. i bought this so long ago and never took it off my shelf. there are many different texts (mostly yoga-centric) that cover the same material but i found this to be an exceptionally inspiring, easy read. i highly recommend it if you are looking for something to end your night with besides an endless instagram scroll (which i have been guilty of doing!)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

spring cleaning with murchison-hume

elodie has actual chores now and it's important to me that she can clean without me worrying about getting harsh chemicals on her hands. her favorite job is cleaning our refrigerator (little hands are always hanging out here with magnets and such) and dusting. i've been experimenting for a couple of years now with the different eco-friendly cleaners that are on the market and have also made my own cleaning concoctions. apart from a few essential oil cleaning sprays i like that i gleaned from here, i've been mostly disappointed trying to go completely natural with my cleaning supplies. murchison-hume has been such a great discovery for me. it's sometimes hard to navigate which chemicals are bad for you and to figure out how to implement a change for the better in your home. their ingredients are front and center and mirror everything that i have researched on trying to clean up under my kitchen sink. i also found this and this helpful on how to dispose of the last of the bad products that i had lying around.

this post is sponsored but all opinions are my own. i would never review something that i didn't believe in or wouldn't gladly purchase myself. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

when to wean (and a medela pump + accessories giveaway)

francesca is a bit over two and i am starting to wonder when we will wean. she likes to nurse in the morning and evening and i still love these quiet moments together. however, i am aware that this time is fleeting and i will likely wean soon as she ventures out into the world a bit more each day. tonight, when i put her down, i sang her "stay awake" and she pat pat patted my chest while being slowly lulled to sleep. i closed my eyes and tried to trace the moment so that i could etch it in my heart. i feel like i've grown so much as a mother over these past six years and it's interesting to think back on this breastfeeding journey. i love thinking about the cocoon of the newborn days and the sleepy naps on my chest. the sweet smell of milk and baby coos. i am also reminded of harder moments which i am also grateful for and would like to share with you.

when elodie was four months old i went back to work full time at a job i really, really disliked. if i quit then i would be responsible for paying the company i worked for thousands of dollars as they had moved my husband and i across country from new york city to los angeles. our plan was for me to work there for the two year contract and hopefully have a baby sometime after. of course, babies come when they are ready and i found myself pregnant a full year earlier than anticipated. i had four months with elodie and then headed back to work. i packed up my medela pump, a little photo of elodie, and headed to the office. every day was emotional, especially when it came time to sit in the tiny room within the bathroom that was the only private place to pump. i would get worried if i didn't get enough ounces or if i forgot to pump and became engorged. but pump i did. i was committed to breastfeeding elodie exclusively until she was at least one year old and was happy when i made that goal. there were hard times along the way with both girls. i was prone to mastitis and engorgement. i remember receiving comments from family members who couldn't believe i was still breastfeeding after a year. the connection that elodie and i had was so beautiful and i thankfully ignored any voice other than my own. i don't really know why i felt so strongly about breastfeeding elodie (i weaned her when she was a little over 2 1/2 years old) but i did. it saddens me that in this day and age there are so many conflicting voices over a mother's choice whether it is to breastfeed or not. a woman is the only person who should decide what is best for her and her baby.

in honor of international women's day (which was this past sunday but, really, every day should be women's day!) i am giving away a Medela care package which includes:

A Medela Freestyle Breast Pump 

Medela Accessories:
Medela Quick Clean Soap
Medela Quick Clean Bags
Medela Quick Clean Wipes
Medela Pump & Save Bags 20ct
Medela Lanolin
Medela Disposable Bra Pads 30ct
Medela Shoulder Bag (Medela double pump kit, cooler and ice pack)
Medela Breastfeeding University Card

to enter, leave post a comment on my instagram Medela post with a nursing or pumping moment (funny, sweet, hard, whatever) that you remember and tag/follow @Medela_US.

alternatively, please post a comment below with a nursing or pumping moment (funny, sweet, hard, whatever) that you remember and follow Medela on Facebook. if you are commenting here, please make sure you leave your email address as well. this giveaway is open to US residents only. i will be announcing a winner on friday march 13th.

Medela has recently launched Medela Recycles. the recycled pumps (moms can ship their old pumps back to Medela) support the initative which donates new, hospital-grade multi-use breastpump and supplies to Ronald McDonald House charities, to provide moms with the same high quality equipment they use during their hospital stays. With nearly 40% of the families served by RMHC caring for babies in the NICU, this offering supports breastfeeding mothers. more info on how to recycle your pump here.

Medela gifted me similar products and i will be donating them to a local mama in need. i wanted to do this post because i am a whole hearted advocate of nursing and think that breast pumps can help in so many situations. please support women in your sphere of influence with whatever choice they make. we are all in this together.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

dolphin mania

the girls have been obsessed with dolphins lately (especially after our trip to see the dolphins) so i'm thinking this one over at fawn shoppe is going to be the swimsuit of the season + it's organic!

image fawn shoppe