Monday, January 26, 2015

madewell old town pasadena party

angelinos! come out of hibernation and join me for a party i'm hosting at the madewell in old town pasadena. there will be drinks, treats from fatty sunday's and discounts throughout the store. i would love to meet you!

where: madewell in old town pasadena 126 west colorado blvd. pasadena, ca 91105
when: friday, january 30 from 7-9 pm

photo: darcy hemley

Thursday, January 1, 2015

sunset, sunrise. a happy new year.

my new goals come up with each solstice so i don't feel a lot of pressure around the new year. one thing i like to do is head to the ocean to wash away all the things i want to leave behind. bad habits. out with the tide. new energy. the waves rushing in. in and out. giving my mind a scrub. we had the good fortune to be near the ocean and to take a sunset horse ride on the last day of the year. a brisk early evening walking on a still path with some of my favorite people in the world. i left this year with no regrets. i checked out for a good portion of 2014 which was just fine with me. this year, i want to be more focused and am well on my way to attaining some of my goals by the spring equinox. a new year! how lucky are we?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

a special ring for a special day

i keep this photo on my dresser. it touches me especially during december. i remember those first fragile days when i could count on my hand how long elodie had been with us. we were so tired and exhilarated. i sat for hours on end staring at this perfect being. wondering about who she would become. those first weeks forever etched in my heart. 

when chinchar/maloney contacted me about their special birthstone rings, i was thrilled. i am very sentimental about jewelry. each piece must tell a story or else it is isn't worth wearing. i chose citrine birthstones for my late autumn/early winter babies. it's so lovely to have such a simple, elegant reminder of their first days!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

pony pictures!

we live on a quiet street that one of my favorite neighbors likes to call "skunk holler." i remember when we first moved to the neighborhood, sitting on the porch with michael and just listening to the soft night sounds. every so often an opossum or a skunk or a coyote would come rambling by. no big deal. sometimes even a raccoon or two or three which made us hightail it into the house. this same neighbor, erica, used to take photos of kids dressed up on ponies and said we should take some of the girls. so one recent sunday morning, we hopped the fence and she dressed them up and took them for a ride on her horse. the girls were way more excited about it than they look in the photos. afterwards, erica showed us around her house which was filled with horses - all of her ponies from when she was little, her trophies, horse paraphernalia everywhere. i know that day will be etched into elodie's memory forever and now we have the horsey photos to go along with the story. every kid should have a pony picture right?


Thursday, November 27, 2014

giving thanks

i have such fond memories growing up of thanksgiving and christmas time. my mother really went out of her way to make our home a warm cocoon filled with music and cheer. she would always invite people over and share whatever meal or treats we had made along with her big smile. i can feel and taste thanksgiving as only she and my stepfather prepare it. everyone has their own idea of what thanksgiving should really be like and i hold every year's up to the ones from my childhood.

because of this, i really yearned to be home for thanksgiving this year. my mother has been quite ill and i honestly don't know how many thanksgivings we have left together. this makes me cry as i type this but also makes me remember i only have now anyway, with anyone. so i booked a ticket to celebrate a thanksgiving with the siblings. i brought francesca as she is still really little and so that michael and elodie could have some much needed time together. it was hard to make the decision to not go as a family but i wanted to be able to just be with my original family if that makes sense. i give thanks for all of the different parts of our heart we have. all of the old memories, all of the memories to come. for every person who has shaped me and helped me as i've stumbled along or strode along confidently 
(because i've done both) through this life. there is no one on earth like a mother. and i want mine to know how very much she means to me. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

the elves' faire

one of my favorite annual activities is the elves' faire at the pasadena waldorf school. the girls and i took sweet pea classes there and it's such a quiet, special place. every year i get the girls a doll from the doll room (most are handmade by the school's parents.) this year i chose two very special ones that i can't wait for the girls to open on christmas morning.

we saw several friends throughout the day. some had tea with us, some did jousting, or helped make an elf hat for francesca to wear. francesca still wears her acorn necklace that she picked out from the acorn man. it's so lovely to have these yearly rituals with the girls. activities that they can count on as the season's change. thankful for our lovely local community of friends and such wonderful places to gather! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

80 degrees and sunny

i was recently asked to be a part of a shoot for yahoo! style featuring fall looks from a.p.c, cos, and rag & bone (stores that all recently opened here in los angeles.) i'm so in love with the a.p.c jumpsuit in the photo. here is a link to the article!

photo by darcy hemley